How to check IOTA IRI neighbors or node status

Posted / Публикувана 2017-09-08 in category / в категория: IOTA Cryptocurrency

So you had your IRI up and running and now you need to check the node status or how your neighbor are performing?

I am using this simple solution:

1. Chrome/Chromium browser
2. Restlet client plug-in for Chrome
3. Json export of the requests' definition

Install the plug-in, start it, then click Import in the loser left corner then select "Restlet client repository", select the file, then click checkbox next to IRI, then import.

In the left menu now you will have menu item IRI. Expand it, click on "Neighbors" and the neighbors request will be shown on the right. Change "http://yourserver:14265/" to reflect your server's address and port. Click "Save" to save the changes. Now click the "Send" button and scroll down. You should see something that looks like:

Click on "Node info" in the menu and do the same for it.

That is it. I hope this short tutorial was helpful.

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