Dynamic ListView using Volley and NetworkImageView

Posted / Публикувана 2013-05-30 in category / в категория: Android

Just added new example to the Android Volley Examples project which shows how to use Volley to populate dynamically ListView including loading of images using NetworkImageView. It also uses a simple read-ahead technique in order to load next page of data when the user reaches close to the end of the current page in order to minimize the wait.


4 Responses to “Dynamic ListView using Volley and NetworkImageView”

  1. none Says:

    Why you use StringRequest in this example?

  2. Ogi Bankov / Огнян Банков Says:

    Probably you mean why not use JsonObjectRequest?
    I needed just a small part of the returned JSON string and needed the raw string just to be able more easily to see what fields I will need.
    In "real" application it will be more straightforward to use JsonObjectRequest of course….

  3. none Says:

    One more question about StringRequest.
    A small piece of code:

    return new Response.Listener(){
    public void onResponse(String response) {

    Log.d("Response.Listener", response);


    I thought it would be one String, which I can then parse.
    But in LogCat I see a few calls Log.d. And as a result, I can not make parsing …. Any ideas? Thank you.

  4. Ogi Bankov / Огнян Банков Says:

    I am afraid I am not understanding exactly what you mean? Did you execute just one request? Or you use this listener for several requests?